Protecting Clients Doing Business in Russia

Since forming our St. Petersburg office in 1994, RBI has protected businesses in Russia. The enforcement of commercial obligations and resolution of commercial disputes present an awesome challenge to businesses and investors in Russia. Russia still lacks a domestic court system capable of protecting a western company’s rights in Russia. For this reason foreign companies[…]

The Tradition of Bribery in International Business

The investigation by the International Olympic Committee of Salt Lake City and other venues has shed light on a very dark tradition of international business – bribery of public officials. From our window on the world in North America, we wonder why any clear thinking businessperson would support the practice. Characteristically, we ignore the history[…]

Resolution of International Commercial Business Disputes  and Enforcement of Commercial Obligations Worldwide

Each year there is a significant increase in the number of business transactions that cross international borders. The transfer of goods and services, foreign direct capital investment, and the financing of commercial transactions often involve multiple jurisdictions and parties of multiple nationalities. Parties to multinational transactions need to be mindful of the myriad of laws[…]

Fighting Corruption: The Evolution of Anti-Bribery Standards in the Global Economy

Does your company transact business outside the United States? Form strategic alliances or joint ventures with foreign individuals or companies? If so, it is imperative that you monitor the evolution of international anti-bribery legislation. The United States, predictably the champion of the free market economy, has led the fight against commercial bribery for over two[…]