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Doing Business in Russia

On June 28th, 2007, the firm’s Business Practice Group presented a seminar “Doing Business in Russia: Opportunities and Challenges” at Automation Alley. The presentation was well received by the attendees, and offered participants a view on the modern Russian business climate. Featured speakers included representatives from the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, CSM Worldwide, Sun Microsystems (Moscow), Alternative M Consulting (Moscow), Baker Tilley Russaudit (Moscow), Global Financial Solutions, and Randolph Wright of the firm’s International Practice Group. The speakers identified business opportunities within Russia, described the automotive and OEM structure within Russia, explained the various choices of entity structure available, discussed franchising, taxation and security issues, and highlighted the banking and regulatory environment for foreign investors. The seminar also provided valuable, first-hand accounts of the various speakers’ challenges, obstacles and success stories as experienced within the Russian marketplace. Berry Moorman would like to take this opportunity to thank all those that participated and attended the event.


RBI recently traveled to Russia to participate in a trade mission.

Attorneys, Randolph Wright and Simon Edelstein, recently traveled to Russia to participate in a trade mission while both the Beijing summer Olympics and the Russian Army invasion of the Republic of Georgia were taking place. As a result, both have frequently been asked to describe the war’s impact on commercial activities in Russia and whether they, as Americans, experienced any backlash as a result of the hostile political dialogue between Russia and the US.  In their view, just as American business activities worldwide continue during the war on terrorism, Russian business activities will continue during the conflict with Georgia. The many large and successful American and multinational companies doing business in Russia will press forward, expecting the diplomats to work through the political issues as quickly as possible.  The success of American companies in Russia has been a largely untold story in the US media. The American Chamber of Commerce in Russia (“AmCham”) now has 850 member companies.

In a recent survey of 100 companies published by Ernst & Young, half reported sales increases of 200% since establishing a presence in Russia.  Overall 67% of the companies expect sales growth of over 50% in 2008.  RBI has been doing business in Russia for 15 years.

Randy and Simon strongly endorse AmCham’s assertion that “American companies in Russia are helping to bridge the values gap between Russia and the US by consistently and strongly communicating such key business practice values as law compliance, merit based compensation, strong business ethics and corporate social responsibility.”

Because of their exposure to propaganda, the attitude of the men and women “on the street” may be negative towards Americans.  Nonetheless, during the trade mission, neither Randy nor Simon experienced any instance of prejudice because they were Americans. The Ernst & Young survey reported that 75% of the Russian employees of American companies in Russia view the US positively compared to 47% of employees in Russian owned companies.  For additional information about the business climate in Russia visit,, , or




Attorneys Randolph Wright and Simon Edelstein travel to the city of Sochi, the home of the 2014 Winter Olympics to participate in the rolling out and demonstration of the Tensor Chess Android Application.

Randolph Wright and Simon Edelstein travel to the 2014 World Chess Tournament in Sochi to release the Tensor Chess Android Game.  A longtime client of Russia Bridge International, Tensor Chess LLC is the company behind the new invention of the modified chess game that has taken the Chess world by storm.  Tensor Chess is a new chess game that incorporates, among other things, a novel chess pieces that, by virtue of its interactivity with all of the other traditional chess pieces, adds not only new dimensions and possibilities to the game, but does the same for all of the other chess pieces, making the game more dynamic and significantly more strategic than its predecessor.

Russia Bridge International  has assisted Tensor Chess LLC over the past four years by leveraging its network of colleagues and contacts to introduce the invention to the top Grand Masters in the world, and further assisted with having those Grandmasters endorse the invention as a noteworthy addition to the chess world.  Russia Bridge International further identified the right people and brought them together so that Tensor Chess can commercialize its invention.  Patent attorney, Grandmasters, marketing specialists, graphic designers, and computer programmers were brought together in order to provide the client (Tensor Chess LLC) with a framework to monetize the new game.

By leveraging its core strengths with its vast network of partners, Russia Bridge International was able to effectively and successfully oversee the development of the Tensor Chess Project, at the core of which is an Android Application which now boasts a custom artificial intelligence engine, a multiplayer server to for live games over the internet, and further assisted the client in engaging Rader Fishman Grauer PLLC, a patent firm that assisted the client in filing for worldwide patents .  Most impressively however, is that Russia Bridge International had introduced to and ultimately secured endorsements from the highest echelons of the chess world, including Grandmasters, Chess Organizations, and Educational Institutions for its client.



Randolph Wright and Simon Edelstein traveled at the client’s behest to the 2014 World Chess Championship, the main event being the most anticipated match between Magnus Carlsen and V. Annand, one of the most televised chess events during the past decade, and have the Former World Chess Champion Alexander Khalifman introduce the game to the world.


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The event was not only televised for the leading sports channel in the Russian Federation, NTV+, but was also received significant press coverage following the event.  During the event, Russia Bridge International again leveraged its network of contacts and produced an endorsement for its client from Boris Spassky, one of the most prominent chess figures of all time, known around the world as the Grandmaster that defeated Bobby Fischer, and further arranged for the endorsement to be promoted on national televisions during the event.     The Tensor Chess Rollout event occurred in the heart of the Sochi Olympic Village and the presentation and reception were held at a conference hall in a Downtown Sochi Venue.

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